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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anngh Who Needs It

There's a certain responsibility that goes along with being needed. It means that you have to be there for someone because they need you. In fact it's a huge responsibility. You need air to breathe, food to eat, you need gravity; in fact it seems like everything that you "need" is life sustaining and you'd die without it. That's why, or so it seems to me, that if you're needed, you're pretty much fucked. How can you turn away from a responsibility like that. It's overwhelming.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yee Haw Banjo Music

So I've decided to learn to play the banjo. The plectrum banjo to be exact. The un-coolest thing that I could ever imagine in the scope of my wildest thinking. My Dad played it and he was pretty good at it, in fact, I don't think I'd be out of line in saying that he was one of the best plectrum banjo players that I've ever seen. Of course he was the only plectrum banjo player I've ever known, and I can almost promise you that you've never known one or probably ever seen one, oh sure you know that guy that plays the banjo, but let me tell you, he isn't a plectrum banjo player.

You see there's a few different styles of banjo playing. The most common styles are bluegrass (bluegrass), tenor and plectrum. Bluegrass with all of that 5-string picking is just cool, everyone loves bluegrass music, at least until they start singing anyway, it's happy and fun, tenor banjo is what you here onece in a while when they're showing a scene from Mardigras and there's a fat guy playing in the background; and then there's the plectrum banjo.

The only place you'll probably have ever seen a plectrum banjo is if you went to a turn of the century vaudville or burlesque show and I suspect although my research can't confirm it, I am fairly confident that they showed up in the occasional whore house or gin joint when a suitable piano player couldn't be found.

I dreaded my Dad pulling that thing out. And he pulled it out at every available opportunity. It was embarrassing to me with new people because he'd pull it out to play it and I could see the excitement in peoples eyes because they knew they were in for a treat. Wow! Real banjo music. Given the fact that most of people have never been to a turn of the century whore house or burlesque show so to them, there was only one style of banjo music. The cool kind, fingers flyin up and down the keyboard and that happy twangy sound filling the air, and he'd start to play.

God it was like he shot an arrow through my heart. I died a little inside with every strum he took. I was convinced that my own person Hell after this life was that I was gonna spend eternity standing knee deep in shit in a room full of plectrum banjo players, I just hated it.

I really don't know why maybe people did like it and in fact it wasn't embarrassing and it was kind of nice. Live and learn, too late to say anything now, hopefully he knew it was alright. Still horribly uncool, but I'm alright with it, in fact I'm gonna learn to play the banjo.